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BenaVest, is here to provide knowledge, options, and quotes for both Corporations and Individual Family Insurance needs. Whether it be Health Insurance, Life Insurance, or Retirement Planning the different divisions of our company have licensed agents specializing in different areas of the insurance industry to solidify the highest level of professionalism.

What Makes Us Better?

Marketplace Circle of Champions 2019


Our Team of knowledgeable licensed agents are experience in Fanancial Assistance Programs and are up-to-date on the best On & Off Exchange Health Plan Options on the market.

Marketplace Circle of Champions 2019


BenaVest recieved the Healthcare.gov Elite Circle of Champions Badge 5 years running for our work in the Community providing Affordable Health Coverage for over 25,000 People.

Marketplace Circle of Champions 2019


See what the MEDIA has to say about BenaVest! With over 60 years of combined experience, we have helped 1000’s in the community select top-rated ACA and Medicare Health Plans.

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