Does Medicare Cover Blood Pressure Monitors For Patient Use

Written By: BenaVest

March 15, 2021

Does Medicare Cover Blood Pressure Monitors For Patient Use


Medicare does not cover a cuff/regular blood pressure monitor unless the user is undergoing dialysis treatment at home. However Medicare will cover ambulatory blood pressure monitors for a once a year use when ordered by a doctor.


High blood pressure can be a difficult condition to detect. It serves no warning signs until it causes serious health issues. Medicare can help prevent and detect blood pressure along with you managing your health properly.


Certain risk factors that cause blood pressure like age, and family history can not be controlled but there are other risk factors that can be. Controllable risk factors include:

  • Eating health foods that are low in sodium
  • Exercising regularly and managing stress
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Reducing the consumption of alcohol
  • Not smoking


Medicare can help the prevention of high blood pressure by covering:


  • At no cost, blood pressure screenings during your:
    • “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit
    • Yearly “wellness” visits
  • Certain telehealth services. Ask your doctor or other health care provider if they offer telehealth services.

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